Stitching update

Let’s begin with the SBQ:

Do you like to buy “chartpacks” that include charms, buttons, and/or beads or do you prefer to gather all materials yourself?

I don’t mind getting them. They are fun to do and nice that you have all the odd items you need to finish them. My problem is what to do with them once you are done. One usually has all kinds of beads left but the charms are missing so one would have to find a substitute (which at times is not easy) to stitch the piece again.

Last night I finally started making some headway on Osiris at work. I was clipping along at a good pace when suddenly Mother Nature stepped in and shut off our power! We were in the middle of a winter storm and there was one flashlight in the entire office! Needless to say I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, especially since I was looking forward to moving on to Isis before the end of the night. Either way, I do have progress to share:


10 thoughts on “Stitching update

  1. Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario)

    Osiris is looking wonderful! Don’t you love when Mother Nature throws a curveball, just as you get moving in the right direction! Nice to “see” you again!

  2. Leslie aka zoeandcooper

    I am sorry to hear that you didn’t get to start on Isis yesterday. I bet Osiris is getting lonely:) He does look very regal though!

  3. Pam

    You’re making great progress, and BOO on the power going out! Sounds like my luck LOL. Can’t wait to see your next update.


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