Needlework Smalls Exchange

I notice that Cindy has received her needlework smalls exchange pieces from me. And so:

This is a pattern called “4 Seasons” by Carol’s Needle Sketches. I don’t have any idea how I got it, but in perusing my patterns I found this one would suit my purpose and was (hopefully) along the lines of what Cindy likes. I started by making the needlebook and discovered the finished project was a lot bigger than I expected. The note on the pattern suggests creating it as a fob and so I stitched the same piece again over one and made it into a fob.


7 thoughts on “Needlework Smalls Exchange

  1. Stitch

    Hi Christine! Gosh I’ve not posted to your blog in a while…:/ I’m glad to see that you are doing well. Lovely piece you have there! 🙂 Excellent job! Congrats!

    Have a good one!

    X Stitch X

  2. Hazel

    This is a really pretty design. I will make a note of it. Have only just got back into blogging after initailly struggling to understand it lol! I think you were the first to add me! So Thank you.


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