So…. many…. goodies….

…. so …. little…. time…. and money!

Sigh. My poor heart is having palpitations today. I have spent all morning browsing my blogging friends new adventures. Let’s begin.

Jenna has gone live with her ONS – One Star’s Light is open for business. Jenna has done an amazing job on her site – I am amazed at how much she has done in such little time. Be sure to pop over for a visit and check out some fo the yummy things there!

Pariphaeria Designs went live yesterday with downloads and today with paper desgins on OSL. Outi has put her fantastic designing skills to work for her and has a supplier in Jenna. Woot!

Tor Rhuann Designs, aka Belinda, has posted a couple new freebies on her site. I have seen a couple of finishd pieces of these so far and they look amazing. I shall have to endevor to do one… or two….

All this creativity has brought to light just how much time & money I need to support my …habit. Heh. Plus I want to get my own designs going, and it is taking for ever. I have a few I am working on but as always I have bitten off more than I can chew. I can’t do anything small, it seems, so it may be some time in coming. In the mean time, I have played around with a freebie program trying to get a feel of doing my work on a computer instead of grid paper. You can check out my results on my my website. Just check out the “Goodies” section and the Irish Blessing. I think it would look good with a great overdyed. Have fun!


4 thoughts on “So…. many…. goodies….

  1. Outi; Lady Periphaeria

    Things one have time for when one doesn’t have a life… applies to me, at least. 😀

    Allow me to recommend a software: PCStitchPro. Admittedly it is almost 80 US dollars, but I am so loving it. 🙂

    And I grabbed your designs, I really like the Irish Blessing. 🙂 (Some nice deep green overdyed and natural linen would be perfect…)

  2. Christine

    Wow, Irish Blessing is a cute design! I agree that overdyed threads, perhaps two different ones for the shamrocks and the wording, would look wonderful!

  3. ++ Witchypoos ++

    “All this creativity has brought to light just how much time & money I need to support my …habit”

    Very True Chris … I try hard not to think too hard about how much, but this week have been updating the house insurants and had to give a figure of how much I would need to replace the contents on my sewing room … frightening !!!



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