So… yeah….

Since I can’t stitch at work I have been bringing in knitting, and finding that it is working quite well, since I can knit a row without having to look at a pattern and still pay attention to my customers. So today I thought I would try my hand at some simple mittens.

I found a pattern for childrens mittens, determined the size the girls needed, and packed my bag and went off to work.

I knitted as far as the thumb and then noticed a problem. The pattern, being quite old, calls for size 10 needles. I have no idea how big that is. I did see on one of my pairs of needles a label of 10mm was a number 6 needle. So, I grabbed a pair with that label and knitted away.

The mitten so far:

Looks nice no? Now look at it with my hand against it.

This is supposed to fit a 4 year old, people. Realistically this could fit Scott! Which to me is hilarious. Can you imagine a 6’4″ 250lb man wearing pink mittens? ROFL!

So I am using this one to figure out the pattern. I think I pretty much have it and will be pulling it out soon to start again, with smaller needles. And I will try that whole gauge thing that may not be quite so over rated.


3 thoughts on “So… yeah….

  1. Hazel

    Lol. Think perhaps it meant UK or canadian size 10 which would make it 3.25mm!! Hope you get it sorted!

    They look great anyway.

  2. Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario)

    Scott in pink mittens…I think the girls would be falling on the floor laughing at dear Dad! They look lovely, once you get the right size going!


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