Suddenly things got interesting…

… because I have batteries for the camera! Woot!

Let’s get the SBQ done first, as suggested by Danielle:

If you had $500 to spend on stitching-related items, what would you buy?

First and foremost, a stiff drink for finding out I have $500 to spend. And just for the sake of arguement, I will go along with the $500 being only for stitching related items and not crafts in general. Or there would be a whole pile of extra goodies on this list.

I would likely get:

– a Chatelaine of some grand design. Especially because I need another large project I am afraid to do to collect dust in my stitching bag.

– a proper light

– a stand alone frame. I have found I really enjoy stitching with one hand below and one above, but it gets a little tricky with just q-snaps.

– I would probably go bonkers on overdyed fabrics. And overdyed flosses. Heck, if scissors or needles came in overdyed, I would probably get those, too. Throw in an overdyed coffee mug. (It’s a stitching accessory! Especially in this house.)

The rest I would lavish away on measly patterns. I am frugal enough I could probably get most of my wishlist for a couple hundred. Are we talking our own currency here? Cuz that could translate to more…


Ok, enough of that!!!

I have, as I said, gotten batteries today so I have a couple of photos to share. Firstly, the pink mittens are finished:

Above is Lauryn’s set of mittens, and below, Kimber’s. They are in two separate photos for a reason, the same reason I determined not to buy these girls mittens any longer. Kimber had hers for one day and lost hers. I have found them in my tidying (who snorted? I do housework every once and a while!) this evening and hence photo number two.

The burgundy in-process bit is my first mitten. Not that I don’t mind pink, but 1) I ran out (just had enough to finish Kimber’s), and 2) it wouldn’t match my hat and scarf I have previously made myself (sorry, no picture of the scarf. Why did I not blog that?).


And so now time to move on to asking a favour, dear readers. My sister called me this evening, wondering if I had a pattern of some traditional Dutch shoes or windmill. I do not, and I spent the last couple of hours browsing the internet to find a freebie for her. I found one on One. On the entire WORLD WIDE WEB. 1.


So – anyone out there know of any others? Pretty much any windmill or shoes would do at this point, as long as she doesn’t have to pay for it.

In browsing I did find a couple of really cool sites:

Sue’s Cross Stitch Freebie Finder. Now this site doesn’t look like it has been updated in about 6 years, and a bunch of the links aren’t even in existence anymore, but every so often there is a gem.

Berroco Pattern Library. So if your a beginner, intermediate or advanced knitter, this place has a TON of patterns, all free. And they look good, too. They also have some crochet patterns as well.

Speaking of crochet, I finally got the yarn I need for that zig zag afghan I started back in October. Yeah, the afghan I figured I could finish in November. Yeah – kinda need yarn to do that. (Yes, Jenna, I am picturing a Stewie pause here – yeah. Huh.)

So…. anyways, expect to see a photo of that in the future.


Ok, so crafty stuff aside I have to share a bit of cleverness Lauryn had for me this morning. She asked me if someone could get a tatoo on any part of their body.

“Yes, anywhere,” I answered without even thinking.
“Anywhere!!!????” This is the part where I thought to myself – oops! Talking to a four year-old!
“Yes,” I answer back cautiously, “anywhere.”

That’s my clever girl.


10 thoughts on “Suddenly things got interesting…

  1. Kathy

    Christine – I have a set of 6 windmills that Beatrice mother gave me. The patterns are in Dutch but Adriana translated them for me. Unfortunately, for you, I am an Arizona at the moment and my patterns are in Brighton. Perhaps Ann could contact Beatrice about these patterns. They are wonderful.

  2. Michelle

    I wish I could knit. *sigh*

    I have a link on my blog to xs freebies. Thousands of ’em. Lower right side. Most of ’em are still available.

    Happy hunting.

  3. Hazel

    Lol. Your mittens look great. Hope they fir this time lol. I really would like to have 500 to spend on stash. mmmm theres one to think about.

  4. Alberta

    I love hand knit mitts because you can have a cuff as long as you want/need it to be!

    Thanks Christine, for posting the ‘new to me’ links…will be checking them out.

  5. Jenna

    LOL at the Stewie pause comment. I could totally hear him saying that, too. Yeah… 😉 Thanks for the grin!


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