And now for something totally different

A book review. And a movie review.

I finished Mistress of Dragons in about a day and a half, and I must say – if you are a lover of fantasy, read this book. It rocks. I found myself reading it, nodding my head at the perfect depiction of dragons.

Let me put in an aside here – far too many people do not do justice to dragons. I have read far too many novels where the dragons are mamsy pamsy, where one guy in a suit of armor can go in, lob an arrow and the beast is dead. Hello? It’s a dragon people. If it was so easy, there would be no dragon fear. Margaret Weis does it right. Of course, she practically invented the proper dragon, so by rights she should.

I found this book even easier to read than the Dragonlance stuff. Perhaps Hickman was a hindrance (gah! Blasphemer!)? Anyhoo, on Saturday we immediately went and borrowed the next two books in the series. I can’t wait to start them. I am trying to finish Thud by Terry Pratchett.

This is my first novel by Pratchett. Now perhaps I am just too anal and should just start the series from the beginning, but I am not enjoying this book too much. Sure, it is fun, but it has taken me about 3/4 of the book to figure out exactly what is going on. He jumps around so much that I don’t have a clue. It took me half the book to figure out one of the characters was a werewolf, and that she was female (I was convinced she was male for a large part of the book). As I said, I imagine if I read the first few Discworld novels things will make more sense, but considering there are, what, 38 books in the series, should they not be a bit more stand-alone-ish? Of course, the same thing can be said for the Xanth novels. But I read most of those in order.


This weekend we went out and bought Casino Royale. We had missed it in the theatres, being homeless and broke at the time, but we are big enough Bond fans that we bought the movie unseen.

Let me start off by saying Brosnan has always been my favourite Bond. Not only is he good looking, but he has the class that goes along with being a super spy. I know it is a silly thing to perhaps judge Bond on, but the turn and shoot is very important. Until Brosnan, no one could touch Connery with the turn and shoot, but Brosnan did it exactly right. Now Craig is good at it, though not as good as Brosnan (but yet better than Connery. Make sense?).

I love that there was very little dependence on the gadgets. Yes, Bond is somewhat defined by the gadgets, and it was disappointing to not have Q there, but dude is a super spy – he should be able to catch the bad guy with very little toys.

I also … ahem…. enjoy the rugged Bond. I do have a thing for rugged men and this movie captures it well. However, and this may improve with more movies with Craig, Bond is supposed to be suave and cool. He does his job and moves on, with very little mess. Craig is not that Bond. You know that scene in GoldenEye where he is pursuing the bad guys in a tank, runs over a bunch of cars, looks behind him then fixes his tie? THAT is Bond.

This is a great movie. Very exciting, and we get to see a bare bum. And it’s male. Heh. That scores a star in itself. One can very quickly suspend disbelief, and it even makes watching poker exciting. I do like the “shaken or stirred” reference, and laughed at that. I did have a couple of issues following the end – as to who was really the bad guy and did they actually complete the mission? What was the deal with the girl? That jumping around was not like traditional Bond films, but then that is what they were going for, non?

I look forward to more of 007 with Craig, but this movie is not my favourite Bond movie. That would still be Die Another Day.


I do have something stitchy to share. I finished my first PIF piece this weekend and I am so proud of my finishing! It looks awesome! I don’t want to mail it off, even if the recipient’s initials are on it.

Now obviously by this photo you can see it is a biscournu. I was very scared of finishing this (which is why I put it off for so long) for fear of doing it poorly. But it freaking rocks!!!! I am now on the pursuit of extras that will be mailed along with this and it will be sent home.

I finished my first mitten this weekend as well. I imagine I will be close to finishing my second this evening at work.


5 thoughts on “And now for something totally different

  1. Hazel

    Well I had to skim your blog a bit then as I have just bought the James Bond dvd and we’re watching it tonight as we missed it too!! Love your biscornu. You’re right-they DO rock. I am really into them at the moment and love looking for interesting buttons to put on them.

  2. Jenna

    Great timing! I just caught Casino Royale on the plane on the way to Utah Saturday night. I agree that the ending leaves you feeling really disjointed. I think that Brosnan did it really well, but he had experience with the genre, having done such a nice job on the Thomas Crown Affair (sp?). Besides, this is Bond as a brand new 00. I think he was meant to be sloppy, but that man’s actions scenes – holy cow! And yes, he is amirably ripped. 😉 All in all, not bad for his first try. After all, I think everyone but Connery and Brosnan pretty much sucked, so a “not bad” from me is doing pretty well. LOL.

  3. kizmet-kitten

    I havent read or seen either, but I have read Thud!

    Please take it from me – dont judge his work based on that book. Thud! is not my favourite anyway because I think he tried to put too much in, sacrificing his usual style to do it. Start with Guards!Guards! or something similar, which explains all the backstory as it goes along, and then Thud! will make more sense.

    …and whatever you do, don’t start with the first book. It’s not bad, but it’s nowhere near the standard of his usual stuff. Start with one of the books about the witches (wyrd sisters) or the guards (guards!guards!) and you’ll (hopefully!) enjoy yourself.

  4. Isabelle

    How funny – I told Seb yesterday I really wanted to rent Casino Royale, as we missed it in the theatres. I loved reading your thoughts about James Bond. Very apt, I’d say! 🙂

  5. Alberta

    Christine, I thought we were the only ones left who hadn’t seen the latest James Bond! They have always been my favorites even with the different actors. Sean Connery has been my fave…but that may change once we view Casino Royale!


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