This week’s SBQ

I think literally 3.6 seconds had past after I posted last weeks SBQ and this week’s appeared in my inbox. Nice.

And so, this week’s question is suggested by Heather and is:

How do you decide which stitching blogs are worth repeat and/or regular viewings? Are there certain things you look for in particular? Are there things you wish there were more of? Less of? Is your blog a good example of what you like to read?

I have recently been looking at my blogroll and thinking the same thing. I think it is time to cut it down, but what kind of criteria should I use to edit it?

I have made a lot of friends through blogging, and my “closest” (I know – it sounds funny – most I have never met in real life) friends are the ones I go and read first. I also enjoy seeing progress pictures, especially of the ones that are similar to my taste. I enjoy reading about things going on in stitcher’s lives. Now I don’t really do this – I am up in the air about doing so – while I enjoy reading about daily events of my friends, I don’t particularily think anyone will find my stuff interesting so I don’t post it. Of course, we will never know how exciting housework and answering phones is until I post about it, huh?

My plan is over the next little while to whittle down my blog roll. There are a few in the list that I skim, and some that haven’t even posted in a year. Hopefully I will get it down to a more manageable number that way.


On to life events! Good Friday is always spent in our house colouring eggs. I boil up a dozen eggs and the girls colour them using their markers and crayons (they are a tad too young for the dyes, I think), then we store them in the refridgerator so the Easter Bunny knows where to find them to hide them for Sunday morning. The girls on Easter Sunday do an egg hunt, find the other goodies the bunny has left as well and the eggs go with our breakfast on Sunday morning.

And so, voila – this years eggs:

Have a great holiday, everyone, regardless of how you celebrate it. I hope the joys of spring put a hop in your step!


9 thoughts on “This week’s SBQ

  1. Kathryn

    You really should consider signing up for Google Reader. Then you could change your Blogroll to a Google Reader box.

    I don’t know what internet interface you are using, but I am using Firefox. In the URL box there is an orange square which indicates that the URL/blog you are looking at has an RSS feed. By adding that RSS feed to your list in Google Reader, you can see only new posts as they are posted. I put a widget on my blog that lists the last five new posts from Google Reader directly on my blog. I can then click on the Google Reader box and read the post or go directly to the blog from there.

    You can see an example of Google Reader on my blog

    It saves you from having to click on EVERY blog and look for updates.

    (I don’t work for Google. I don’t know anyone who does work for Google, though I do know a bunch of people who work for Apple and Yahoo.)

  2. Karen

    Your eggs are adorable! I’m sure you’ve had some entertaining calls at work πŸ˜‰

    Happy Easter!

  3. Faith Ann

    I love your egg decorating idea! Markers and crayons sound much nicer than dyes for DS too. I didn’t even attempt doing eggs with him this year.

    Your blogroll is so long! I can see why you’d want to whittle it down.

    Hope you and your family have a happy Easter!!

  4. Hazel

    Thats an interesting question! As I am quite new at blogging it is difficult for me to say although I suppose I always read people who post quite regularly and who comment on my own blog. Have a good Easter. xx

  5. Von

    I (attempt) to read many more blogs than are currently listed on my blog, so keeping up is difficult at best. I use Newsgator to collect all the new entries of the blogs I subscribe to, and have finally categorized those so that I can at least read an entire category and feel like I’ve accomplished something. πŸ˜€

    Happy Easter to you and your sweet family, Christine!

  6. Michelle

    Cute eggs! I too, feel like I should pare down my “reading” list of blogs. But then I find new ones to add. So, a vicious cycle.


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