My daily insanity

I thought I would share with you a bit of my daughter’s personalities.

Lauryn is an artist. She loves to display her art everywhere, much to my chagrin. Exhibit A:

Kimber is a perfectionist. Exhibit B:

(Note the corrected “r” in Lauryn’s name.)

It is a wonder my head hasn’t fallen off from all the shaking.


8 thoughts on “My daily insanity

  1. Karin

    I’m convinced I wouldn’t make it through motherhood without hurting someone – you have way more patience than I do.

  2. Zohrah

    Each day is an interesting day.

    My son colours his lips with red magic colour pen and said that he is wearing lipstick. Should I be worried?

  3. Little Grey Cat

    Oh dear lol, and I have all this to come!

    Just reading your SBQ post as I somehow managed to miss that update (blogger doesn’t show you as updated on my blog for some reason) and lol I agree you need to do a little whittling. I dont think i’ve ever seen such a long list :oD

  4. Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario)

    Leave it to your girls! I had to laugh, Cameron received some Spiderman stickers which I have found to be stuck all over the back of his bedroom door! Where your girls talking to my boys?


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