A stitchy update

Let’s begin with the SBQ, as suggested by Danielle:

Are you on “The Wagon?” If so, how long have you been on and how “serious” are you about it? If not, have you considered it?

Yeah, but it is really enforced by necessity. i.e. Lack of funds. I am a Stash-Only-Stitcher, which means I do not buy any new patterns. Gifts are just fine, though. Materials are fine, which is good since I buy my materials when I kit up a project rather than keep all kinds of stuff in stock.


I have been busy stitching the Spring dragon Seasonal Dragons RR, and voila:

I decided to not go with a dark fabric, and I am glad I made the decision. I think it looks great on the blue. My only concern now is for the winter dragon, but I think the accents will offset any issue. This piece will be on its way to Jenna tomorrow.

You may notice my blog roll is still quite long. It will be cut down, I just need to decide which to keep. Ideally I want to get it down to about 15 blogs. And so I will put this out there – if you happen to be one of the blogs I remove from my list, please do not be offended. I will still read them periodically, but the amount I read are starting to take over my days. I am keeping my favourite blogs on the list, but please do not think that I love you less!


13 thoughts on “A stitchy update

  1. Leslie aka zoeandcooper

    She looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see her when she reaches my house. I really like the fabric you picked.

  2. Hazel

    Awww i know how you mean about the blog roll thing – Im having the same problem! Spring Draggie is looking great! xx

  3. Suz

    We love you more than your blogroll.

    One thing I’ve done to help me cut down on my blog reading is bloglines. I keep a list there and just read tidbits of the updated ones. I think it saves a lot of time

  4. Anne S

    Ooh, your Draggie RR is looking stunning – I like the fabric you’ve chosen 😀 I’ve been going through the same dilemmas as you have for blog reading – I’ve whittled a few off the list, but left my blogroll on my blog with all the names so I don’t forever lose them, but I use Newsgator for reading blogs, and my list there is the one I really use. The problem is I remove one and find a new great one to take it’s place … but it’s all fun 😉


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