Quality time

Well I am glad I finally cut down my blog feeds. I now have 25 blogs that I read, a la Bloglines (I know – only 24 are on the list. One does not have an RSS feed, so I actually have to go to the site). This morning I have been able to actually READ each blog – not skim, look at the pretty pictures or browse, but read. And comment, too! I actually had the time to comment! And lo! Now I am posting my own entry!

I thought I would post more about my daily goings-on since that is what is taking up my life these days. I have little time to stitch, so if I wait to post that you won’t be getting an entry from me very often!


This past Friday was parent-teacher interview day at Kimber’s school. I always like getting feedback from the teacher, regardless of her marks. There are usually always things that are missed in the report card, so off we went.

Kimber is a very intelligent little girl. She astounds me some times. She can think outside the box, sometimes so outside it she creates a whole new box. Her first term marks were average, something we chalked up to being in a new school. We were right. She blew her second term marks right out of the water. Her teacher said she is often lost for ways to enrich Kimber – she gets concepts very quickly and is often done her work early. And so the teacher has taken to asking Kimber and a few other students to help some of the other kids with their work, which appears to be working well for all parties involved. The children tutoring are getting their minds going and the point of view they are giving the other kids helps lights go on. Which of course suits Kimber very well, being a natural teacher.

That same day we went to register Lauryn for kindergarten. Now that she is finished with most of her booster shots she is excited to begin. While I was filling out the proper paperwork one of the ladies in the office came out with a canvas bag for Lauryn – filled with crayons, scissors, playdough, paper, books, magnets…. Lauryn was over the moon! There is no way she is going to back down from school now! I thought it was just wonderful – it turns out this school gives the new children a welcome package. And the kindergarten students are invited to join in on a day in May, as a bit of an orientation. They get to spend half a day with other students and even get to ride the bus. I am sure there will be plenty of smiles (and perhaps a bit of tears from me) that day.


In stitchy news I sent off my dragon to Jenna, and I got the next installment from Outi. I will be gathering my materials for that today and hopefully get started on that this evening at work. See my plan there? I hope to get it done before the due date. Who snorted? It can be done!


That’s it for today (I think this post is long enough!) Off to drink my coffee! Have a cuppa for me.


6 thoughts on “Quality time

  1. Michelle

    Good for you getting you bloglist trimmed down. And it sounds like all is going well with school for both girls. Can’t wait to see your dragon!

  2. Outi

    I happen to believe that you can make it to 1st of July. (Can you hear the crowd calling your name? ;)) 😉

  3. Shelleen

    Sounds like your daughter loves school and your other one is ready to start. Our school also has orientation day where they meet the teacher and other kids and also get to ride the bus. it gets them excited for school.

  4. Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario)

    So happy to hear that the girls are settling in nicely there and blooming by the sounds of things. Glad to see you around, go take a peek at my blog, I have a little challenge happening there at the moment!


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