Bring on the sparklies!

So I am all done with the regular stitching on the Summer Dragon for the RR. All I need now is to do the blending filament stitches (of which there are a lot) and I can complete the piece. I just need to get to a LNS to pick up the pretties. Heh.

 I brought Minuit in to work last night to try and finish her dress and it was slow enough I could have done so – had I remembered to bring a NEEDLE. Funny, things go a lot faster when one has all of one’s tools. So I managed to find enough magazines to read about Brad and Angelina’s supposed-break-up-that-happened-but-didn’t-really-because-they-are-promoting-a-movie-which-will-give-them-time-to-work-things-out-so-the-magazines-are-justified-a-year-from-now-when-they-are-back-together to keep paparazzi employed for many more centuries to come.

I need a new book.


3 thoughts on “Bring on the sparklies!

  1. Kathy

    Thanks Christine for stopping by and checking out my blog. Been reading yours since you went to N.B. for a holiday and never returned — and I was just getting to know you LOL.
    Your work is amazing as always. Did you ever get the windmill patterns you were looking for?


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