Update and SBQ

This week’s SBQ has been suggested by Juls:

If you could only stitch one more piece what would it be and why?

What a sad and depressing thought! I would likely make my last piece Celestial Dragon by TW. It is probably my favourite TW piece, since I love things Asian and I love dragons. Though for my last hurrah it would definately be a red dragon.


I forgot to post a photo of the seasonal dragon with my last piece, so here it is today. All ready for when I make it to the LNS for sparkly thread.


I have managed to get some good stitching on Minuit in, and the great green folds of her dress are complete! On to the purple ribbon:


I hope to get a good chunk of that done this evening and then the trip to the LNS for sparklies will be slightly more urgent!


5 thoughts on “Update and SBQ

  1. Jenna

    Yes, quite a depressing thought indeed, but hopefully one that makes us all sit up and take notice. I, for one, need to get moving on the more meaningful projects, instead of continually pushing them aside. Because, honestly, who knows what will be our last piece? And I, for one, don’t want all of these unfinished bits hanging around after I’m gone! 🙂

  2. Karen C

    Minuit is beautiful. I love the fabric you’ve chosen for her. I love dragons too but so far I haven’t stitched any :o( I hope my little boy likes dragons when he’s a bit older – that’ll give me loads of reasons to stitch them lol

  3. Lady Periphaeria

    Oh my, you are that far and I haven’t even started this round yet! 😯 (But after I finish this model I am free to have some quality time with Leslie’s draggie.)

    And Minuit looks beautiful! 🙂

  4. Leslie

    Man, I can’t believe I forgot to update my bloglines…bad me! I can’t believe how far you are with the summer dragon. It looks fantastic! I didn’t even start Jenna’s until 10 days ago.


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