Movie Meme

Shamelessly stolen from Suz.

Name your all-time top five favorite movies.
– Lord of the Rings (all three are clumped as one movie)
– Gladiator
– Snatch
– The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (most recent version)
– Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Honourable mentions:
– The Princess Bride
– Sleeping Beauty

What’s your favorite movie line?
“It’s possible. Pig.”

Who’s your favorite movie character?
Captain Jack Sparrow – off to see Pirates 3 on Saturday!

What movie do you love that most people hate?
The Sound of Music. And The King and I. I have a thing for musicals.

What movie do you hate that most people love?
Apocolypse Now. Really don’t see the point.

What was the last movie you saw?
Last complete movie? ie One that wasn’t half over on tv? I think The Godfather.

What’s your least favorite movie ever?
Waterworld. Hands down. What a friggin waste of time. We went to the cheap show to see that, paid $1.25, and we want our money and our two hours back.

What one movie have you seen that you would never ever watch again?
Again, Waterworld.

What was the last DVD you saw?
Again, The Godfather.

What was the first DVD you remember buying?
I don’t really remember. I do know we had dvd’s long before we had a player. I know – but they were on sale and it was going to happen eventually.

What actor/actress would you like to look like?
Sophia Loren. What a stunning woman. Plus I am pretty sure I was Italian in a previous life. It’s the shoes.

What classic movie have you never seen?
Pick one. The list is long. Very, very long.

What song would you choose to be the theme song to the movie of your life story?
Is the Star Wars theme taken? Particularily the bit where Darth Vader enters the room.

What’s your favorite movie genre?

Who’s your favorite actor/actress?
Tough question. I love the work of Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush and Gabriel Byrne. But there are actors out there who consistently have great roles. Brad Pitt, for example. Pretty boy sure can choose them.

As for actresses, not many. I really like Angelica Huston. Other actresses popping into my head aren’t even close.

What actor/actress do you refuse to see their movies?
Nicholas Cage and Kevin Costner. While they each have a movie which they have done that isn’t too bad, everything else is just poopy.

What genre would you choose not to watch?
Horror. Not a big fan. I had nightmares after Jurassic Park. Just best to stay away. And I am not a big fan of war-time movies.

What’s your favorite theater concession combo?
I am a purist – butter served with a side of popcorn. Oh, and throw in a coke.

Front row, Back row, Side Seats, Aisle or center?
The only preference I have is to not sit at the very front. Other than that, if I can see the screen I am happy.


4 thoughts on “Movie Meme

  1. Christine

    What’s your favorite movie line?
    “It’s possible. Pig.”

    Grin, that has to be one of my alltime favourite movies, but I’d have to pick a different line…. It was the first time I saw Mandy Patinkin in action… and I can never watch him in Dead Like Me reruns or Criminal Minds without thinking “Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die!” (I always hear it WITH the accent no less!)

    It’s crazy, you think after all this time watching him on other things, I could see him without thinking that line and grinning EVERY DAMN TIME… but no, I can’t. lol

    To answer your question Michelle… the line was uttered by the devinely gorgeous Carey Elwes as Westley/The Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride.

  2. the other Christine

    I just realized that someone out there might mistake my post as one from Christine from this blog.

    I guess I should have mentioned that that wasn’t “the” Christine but rather I’m “the other” Christine who reads and comments here sometimes…

    btw, speaking of Christines, I just spent the last few hours re-watching Phantom of the Opera….crying because she doesn’t pick him. *sob*

    Any man that sang like that to me… (especially Music of the Night) and I’d melt into his arms. Especailly if he looked like Gerard Butler!

  3. Alberta

    Christine, I love your answers. Many would be similar to my choices.

    How are you liking wordpress vs blogspot? I’ve been thinking about switching? any tips or hints?


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