It’s Saturday

… and someone in our complex is having a moving sale. Which means, with the windows wide open, no one is sleeping past 8 am. Just to clarify – in our home, Saturday is sleep in day. The girls don’t get up until around 9 or 9:30, then they go and turn on the morning cartoons and much on Cheerios, letting us get that extra half hour. Not so this morning, our neighbours have other plans.

Not that the sale is a bad thing, non. But when one neighbour is out having fun, it draws the rest of the neighbourhood. Cue the yelling, the children crying, the foul smelling burning of weeds (yes, apparently lighting up a toke on Saturday morning is perfectly acceptable in our complex – either that or someone is growing something questionable in nearby feilds and now there is a brush fire), and the yelling of parents at crying children. Sigh. I have absolutely no doubts of why children don’t respect their parents. They get none themselves.

On a lighter note, I have discovered this morning that when one forgets to buy coffee filters, a cone filter will work in a basket drip. Some fancy folding and – VOILA! – coffee is mine. Mmmmm…. coffee……

I leave you with an email I got with from one of my stitching groups:


9 ways to say “I love you” to a stitcher:

1. The lady at the craft shop said you like Zweigart but she wasn’t sure which colour to suggest, so I just bought everything she had.

2. You shouldn’t have to pull boxes out from under the bed every time you need to get a skein of thread. Let me give you my closet.

3. Is that all you want? Why don’t you have another look around in the embroidery section while I get out my credit card?

4. You look so hot when you’re reading stitching charts.

5. I can see you’re counting, so I’ll just make dinner, clean up afterwards, and put the kids to bed, so that when you’re finished you won’t have to wait for me to massage your hands. Okay?

6. Too many kits? Don’t be ridiculous. We can always add another room.

7. But, dearest, I think it would be silly for you to have only one daylight lamp.

8. It’s called “DMC” Do you like it? Is 500 metres enough to make a picture?

9. Put down that needle and come here, you sexy thing. One more row?

Of course I’ll wait.


One can dream. Sigh.


5 thoughts on “It’s Saturday

  1. Karin

    Love the email – sounds like we have similar neighbours. One year someone down the street held a rock-concert on top of a panel van parked in their yard – very interesting!


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