Weekend adventures

So school is out and so far the girls feel we have had a pretty good summer vacation. They love going for errands, and we like making them fun for them, so this summer vacation should continue to be quite fun! lol!

There was a fair in town this weekend, so we went and spent far too much money, but a good time was had by all. Some photos:


Kimber on the ferris wheel with me. It started to rain while we were there, just before we started all the rides and we weren’t about to let all those tickets go to waste. Hence the matted hair.


Scott and Lauryn were watching us while we went up. Here they are, in the centre of the photo. Look for the purple coat.


And the view from the top…


Scott took Lauryn on the carousel, one of her favourite rides (it has ponies!)


Before I forget, I will answer last weeks SBQ:

Today’s SBQ was suggested by Kathryn:

When you start a new work do you look for something small, do you look for another huge project or do you consider your UFOs?

I usually consider my UFOs, then I remember why they were UFOs in the first place, and move on to another project. I am very in tune with my projects – the one that screams the loudest gets picked first! 😉

And never fear, friends, I have been stitching. I am working on a few PIF pieces, trying to get that out of the way. I have to finish the Summer dragon soon, which means a trip to the LNS for some sparkly threads! Yay!

6 thoughts on “Weekend adventures

  1. Jenna

    Oh, the zipper. I remember that ride. Threw me around the Bedford County Fair like I was a ragdoll. You won’t get me in that one again anytime soon, unless I get a lot larger in all dimensions! LOL. Glad you had fun. 🙂

  2. Ann McDonald

    Hi Christine,

    Nice to see the photos of the girls. Tell them I miss them! Thanks for the help with my HAED question. I haven’t tackled one of them yet myself but I am totally impressed with stitchers who have.


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