Our Canada Day

Yesterday we celebrated Canada’s 140th birthday, and once again, I am impressed with the amount of activities planned here in Saint John. This city knows how to party.

We started by visiting the museum. The museum was free all day, so we decided that since we had wanted to go this summer, the best price was infact, free.

So here are the girls in the museum, waving their flags.


Next we decided to go for lunch. Ooo – SJ looses points there (it was Sunday so most places were closed and it was a holiday so most places were closed) – there were only two places open – a sushi place, and Pizza Hut. One would only suffice for the adults, the other far too expensive. So since Scott had an issue with his sandals anyways (i.e. the back strap came off) and it was starting to rain and we were not dressed for it, we decided to go home, have lunch then come back. When we came back, we discovered we had perfect timing in that we only had to wait in line a few minutes:

For Dora:


And Spongebob:


We topped the day off with the fireworks celebration. Unfortunately the delay on our camera worked against me for the photos, so here is the best one:


All in all, a good time was had by all.


7 thoughts on “Our Canada Day

  1. Alberta

    We had a very enjoyable Canada Day. We played tourist in our almost back yard! Checked out Fort Edmonton Park and had such a great time. Took a picnic lunch and got there before the crowds.

    Now I trying to get through this very hot day! It’s even too hot to stitch!

  2. the other Christine

    I’m glad you guys had a great Canada Day. I know my dd Olivia would be insanely jealous right now if I told her your girls got to meet Dora!! All we did was go to an “activity day” at the Marina in our little town. No Dora there. lol.

  3. Vicki

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun celebrating Canada Day! Hope your summer vacation continues to be so much fun! Have a happy day!


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