A not so lazy Sunday

This mornings plans of a lazy day doing not much of anything were dashed quite quickly this morning. I went to bed with an itchy head and the realization that the girls were scratching an awful lot too. This morning my fears were confirmed – yep, head lice.

So the day has been spent with smelly shampoo, teary eyes (that was me – not the girls), and more cleaning than I have done in months. All the beds are vacuumed, with fresh linens, couches vacuumed out, toys washed, clothes, towels (when I realized I had none this morning the day was turning dismal indeed), hats… brushes are thrown out (hey, I needed an excuse anyway), and a total head shave is looking really good right now.

 Needless to say, no stitching has been done today. I had hoped to finally finish the summer dragon and mail it off to Jenna tomorrow, but it will have to wait a few days. Gah!

8 thoughts on “A not so lazy Sunday

  1. Jenn L

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ve been through the lice menace a couple times. Here’s hoping you can nip it in the bud before it gets ugly.

  2. Karen C

    There’s a lot of myth around about head lice. I caught them last year (while I was pregnant) off a little girl while I was visiting and I was mortified. I’d never had them before. It’s usually little girls that get them because they have longer hair and more contact with each other – hugging and stuff.

    It’s very hard to catch them from brushes, bed linen or hats. If you do see any on these items it’s usually because they’re dead or dying. Head lice wont usually leave the hair for any other reason. I did a lot of research into it last year when I got them, mostly because I was pregnant and the doctor wouldn’t allow me to use any of the preparations. I had to use the old fashioned method of lots of conditioner and a comb. It worked fine though.

    I hope you manage to get rid of your itchy uninvited visitors very soon.

  3. Vicki

    I’ve also been through the lice thing. It was when my son was little and I was pregnant with my daughter. DH had to wash our son’s hair because you can’t use that soap if you are pregnant. Luckily I didn’t have them! DH also had to clean the whole house – I was too close to the due date. So It was a pretty good time to have them!lol Hope things slow down now so you can do some stitching! Happy day!


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