So much stitching…

… so little time. Jenna is coming to Saint John this weekend and we are making arangements to meet. In light of this, I have hung on to Outi’s RR piece to hand deliver it. As well, I have Leslie‘s piece, just arrived from Outi, that I will try to finish and hand deliver as well. The problem? We have house guests coming this weekend and almost every other weekend in August and so I have very little time for house cleaning and prep.

Not that I am complaining. Just about everyone and their dog is coming to visit, and I love every minute of it. It just means I actually have to tidy up somewhat, and that cuts into stitching time.

Anyhoo… moving forward. I have missed a few SBQ’s, so let’s play catch up.

July 3rd, as suggested by Renee:

Do you consider yourself a floss miser?

*knock knock* Hello? Does anyone read this blog? I am pretty sure most of my readers already know this answer. H-E- hockey sticks, YES! I will go right down to the last inch of the floss. I don’t care if it is 30 cents for 120 yards of $30. I am the same regardless.

July 12, as suggested on The Wagon:

What do you love to do that many people hate? What do you hate to do, but do anyway?

I love backstitching. I love the look of it, and since I usually keep it until the very end of a piece, it signals a near finish. How can you not be excited about that? I hate french knots, and attaching beads is only slightly less of a bugger. Yes, they look fantastic, but what a pain!

Let’s see what else is happening? A few more days and I can declare our home nit free. I haven’t seen anything in a week, and after a 12 hour nit picking marathon on Saturday, I have just about had it with the creepy crawlies. If nothing else, this episode has given the girls brand new haircuts, and I have decided to get mine completely chopped off as well. Right now my hair is to the middle of my back, a big mess of grey, black and red with quite a few split ends thrown in for good measure, so it is time. I have chosen this cut. Thoughts?

For a better idea, perhaps the magic of Photoshop will help:


Ok, so that was a little silly. Perhaps one day when I have more time. Or prerhaps when I actually get it cut you will get an idea. Oh – and nix the blonde. No thank you! I haven’t decided if I am going chocolate brown or red.

In other news, I have deleted my blogger … um … blog. It didn’t take long for it to snapped up, either. Apparently it is now fodder for a spamming site. I hope your links have been updated!

(Ok, maybe blonde is the way to go – if you are here, your links have been updated. Non?)

Ok, apparently I haven’t had nearly enough coffee. Or stitching. I am off!


7 thoughts on “So much stitching…

  1. Vicki

    Love the hairstyle! I would love to do mine that way, but my hair is too thin and flat! I never have overnight guests – I’m sure it’s a lot of fun! All of my family and DD’s Dad’s family live close by! Hope you don’t get too tired!

  2. Kathy

    Oh, I think you would make a cool redhead – takes one to know. Don’t you just love back to back visitors. Been my complaint often this summer. But summer is so short – enjoy and take care

  3. littlecat

    Great that you’re nearly nit free. Great that you all got new haircuts too … well nearly, when you decide what you’re going to do. I do actually think that style or something similar would suit you. Not too sure about the blonde tho …

  4. Kim

    Hey girl, my name is Kim and I’m all the way in New Zealand and was looking for a cool haircut on the web and found your site hehe Just wanted to say thanks for puting the photo of that cool haircut on. I think I might get something similar. Hope you’re havin fun and enjoy your new cut.

    From Kim in NZ


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