Catch up

I apologize for my lack of blogging. Let’s blame summer. My sister arrives on Saturday and my vacation begins then as well, so I imagine I will be even more sparse in my posts.

Goodness, so much has happened. Let’s get the formalities out of the way and start with the SBQ:

July 19:

Today’s SBQ was suggested by Ish and is:

Which project (finished or in progress) are you most proud of? Explain why.

That is a tough question. Let’s see… It would either have to be Dragon Ride or a PIF piece that I can’t share with you yet because I haven’t mailed it off (insert embarassed blush here). Dragon Ride because it was my first attempt at over two stitching, my first TW, and my first blended-threads piece. My PIF piece because the finishing is absolutely perfect! I have never finished a piece so nicely. I really should mail that off so I can share it.

July 28:

Today’s SBQ was suggested by Dani and is:

Have you ever thought of getting a rider on your household insurance to properly cover your stash (some of us have quite an extensive stash that an average household policy wouldn’t fully cover) in the case of some sort of damage to your house that would destroy/ruin charts, fabrics, floss, etc?

The short answer? No. I just don’t have enough stash to warrant it. Now if my stash is filled with Chatelaines or extremely hard to find pieces, I would consider it. But really, $50 – $100 and my stash is replenished. Finished pieces, were I to have any significant ones in my home, would definately have its own insurance.


So let’s catch up. When we last left this intrepid explorer, I had no Kreiniks to finish my RR pieces so as too pass them on to Jenna when I met her. I still haven’t found any so I have ordered some from one of my favourite LNS’s, Knowledge and Needles. I should be able to finish both Summer and Autumn and get those off soon.

Speaking of Jenna, meeting her was a wonderful treat. We decided to meet at our local mall, a central place that I figured would be easy for visitors to find. I was concerned that I would not recognize her as we didn’t say what we were wearing, no red carnations or the like, but as soon as Jenna and Terry walked in, I recognized her immediately. And immediately started waving like a buffoon… uh… someone excited to see a friend.

We had wonderful conversation, discussing our lives and other bloggers (no fear, my friends, it was all good and mostly awe!). Jenna is exactly as she is on her blog – genuine and friendly, and smiling the whole while. She makes me feel as if we are best friends and that being 15 hours away is paltry. Needless to say, I had a wonderful time.


I did very little stitching last week, having lost my luster when I discovered I had no Krienicks. I did pick up a book I haven’t read in years – Dragons of Autumn Twilight, the first in the Dragonlance series. It is even more enjoyable than the first time I read it, since I am reading the Annotated Chronicles, which has the first three books with notes from the authors.

Scott’s father is also down for a visit, so we have been spending a lot of time out of the house doing things with him. This past weekend we were invited to spend some time with one of his friends at her cottage in the northern part of the province. The cottage was right on the beach and we were looking forward to spending some time working on our burns tans. We left early Saturday morning and the 5 hour drive was beautiful – nice sunny weather the entire way up. The second we hit Bathurst, about six minutes away, the skies opened up and lightning flashed – it continued to storm for the rest of the day and well into the night. Some things I learned on the trip:

1. Bring extra stuff to do in case of rain.
2. When you do bring extra stuff to do, i.e. stitching, remember your needles.
3. When you do bring extra stuff to do, i.e. stitching, remember your scissors.
4. When you do bring extra stuff to do, i.e. stitching, remember your highlighter.

(Noting a pattern here? Yep, I brought my floss, my fabric, my snaps and my pattern – but nothing else.)

5. Don’t even attempt to pronounce the towns in New Brunswick unless you live there. You will mispronounce it. We had great fun on our drive home when Kimber had a hold of the map. I think we came up with 25 distinct ways of pronouncing Kouchibouguac. Don’t ask – I have no idea.

6. New Brunswick has SASKATOONS!!!!!!!! We ended up going to Papineau Falls and in climbing around on the rocks I grabbed a hold of a branch to steady myself and thought the leaves looked distinctly like a saskatoon bush. Sure enough! And at its base, blueberries. Kimber and I were in heaven. We picked to our hearts content. This is definately a place we will visit again, and very soon. The falls itself were absolutely gorgeous. Now, I should mention, these weren’t really falls, but rather rapids. And a place that salmon come to spawn. We saw tadpoles, little fish swimming upstream, cool bugs… It is now one of my favourite spots to visit.


I did pick up some stitching last night, and wanting something different I picked up Always, a UFO that has been sitting around for a while. I made some nice progress. I will work on it again this evening and upload a photo if I can.

That’s it for today (I think that’s enough). Hopefully I will post again soon!

8 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. Alberta

    In the late 60’s, early 70’s, I lived on Bernon Avenue in Bathurst! Ours was the first house built on that street. I showed my DH the area last year when we went back for a maritime holiday.. We camped our way across Canada from northern AB….and had a super time!

    Thanks for refreshing my memories!

  2. Beatrice

    Hey Girl…Glad to see you and your family are enjoying the summer.All is well at this end. Stitch with happy fingers [ when you can ] !!!

  3. Karen

    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your summer! There are definitely some crazy names around here lol. That’s wonderful that you got to meet Jenna! It’s been a crazy busy summer for me too. Not much time for stitching or blogging these days. 😦

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation with your family!!

  4. Jenna

    You weren’t waving like a buffoon. In fact, I was quite glad that you were waving so energetically, as I was feeling a bit lost in a strange place, suddenly becoming aware of the possible issues around finding you, as well. So, I burst into a huge, glorious grin when I saw you waving at us! I had a great time, as well. Next time we’re up, maybe we can have a little sit and stitch somewhere so that we can spend more time hanging out. 🙂

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