Time for the SBQ! And, yes, I am on time today!

Today’s question is suggested by Jennifer and is:

How did you get started stitching? Was there a person that inspired you?

I don’t think it was an actual person that inspired you. My grandmother knits and crochets (like a mad woman! Muhahaha!) as does my mother (sometimes), but there really is no stitchers around. My mother started subscribing to “Cross Stitch & Country Crafts” and I got drawn in to the patterns. I still stitch from that magazine. (I would love a magazine like that now! It is a shame that magazine is no longer being printed.) I think my first project was a pair of parrot earrings. (It was the 80’s – what can I say?) Things have GREATLY improved since then.

I have been working on a couple PIF pieces in the last couple of days, and adding the first bit of sparkly to Minuit. There isn’t enough to show off, but I hope to show a photo in the next few days. Last night I got no stitching done as we had a BOMB THREAT at work. Apparently some yahoo wrote a threatening note that a bomb would go off at 11:00 pm, and while the note was discovered at 8:00 pm, we weren’t ushered out until 10:00 pm. Then all the supervisors searched the building while the police stood at the front of the building. Imagine how safe we all felt.

Ah, well, it gave us an hour and a half of pay without actually having to do anything. Which isn’t too bad. A little excitement in an otherwise dull day.


3 thoughts on “The SBQ

  1. Kathy

    bomb scare WOW! What people won’t do for a little time out of work. It is amazing where we start to stitch. It was Beatrice mom who got me started and I have loved every minute of it. Miss you. Wish you could be here for retreat this weekend. I am sure your name will come up.

  2. The "other" Christine

    Wow… a bomb scare. Very scary thought.

    If I were a supervisor at your work, I think I’d be a bit pretty pissed that I was made to search for a bomb while the police were waiting outside!! I don’t think they have danger pay at most offices around here.

  3. Anne S

    I can sympathise with you – we had some nutter calling our place two nights in a row with bomb threats … working for an airline it gets taken very very seriously – fortunately, though, it didn’t turn out to be anything. Great opportunity to get off the phones for an hour or so though huh? There’s always that silver lining somewhere! 😉


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