Eight years ago today…

… I was conked out in a hospital bed interspersed with times of trying to figure out this whole “breastfeeding” thing moms and nurses are on about. Today was altogether different. Today:


is Kimber’s 8th birthday. Sorry for the blurry photo, I had to catch it before all the candles went out. I think Kimber had been planning her wish for days.


 I have been doing some stitching on Minuit recently and she is really coming along. I have most of the sparklies I need for her and it is getting to be quite enjoyable stitching her as I see an end coming. You last saw her here where I finished her dress. Now, I am on to the wings, which unfortunately are diminished in this photo. Hopefully you get the idea.


This really is a piece one needs to see in person. I am so glad I decided to stitch her. I wonder if the rest of the Mirabillia pieces I have been iffy on have this kind of the effect. It looses so much in the photography. Even I am in awe of my work here – and it is totally the credit to the designer. Absolutely fantastic.


9 thoughts on “Eight years ago today…

  1. littlecat

    Happy Birthday Kimber! I hope you had a great day. That birthday cake looks yummy … did you save me a piece? :o)

    Oh wow Christine, Minuit is fabulous! The sparkles really show up in that photo and the fabric is so pretty. What is it?

  2. wyora

    Happy Birthday Kimber! Hope she had a special and fantastic day.

    Minuit is looking gorgeous, and the fabric you picked for her is perfect.


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