So I have decided to make some changes to my lifestyle, the main one being my work schedule. We operate on a shift-bid system (your metrics dictate your ranking and then you can bid on a shift). My ranking was pretty good this month so I decided that I would try out working days for a while. Besides the fact that Scott has been asking me for nine months to switch shifts, working my current shift would mean I would be able to see the girls for only an hour a day. I am pretty sure I had kids for more reasons than one hour a day. 😉

So this now means my evenings will be free, and though I don’t get weekends off I now get Sundays and Mondays (which means a three day weekend this weekend! Woot!). Hopefully this will mean a bit more leisure time for me, and supper with my family is something I am definately looking forward to.


My SIL is down for a visit this week, and we kicked off the visit with a trip the the local zoo yesterday.

I was extremely impressed! I wasn’t expecting a lot of exotic animals, especially since the Cherry Brook Zoo is funded on grants, donations and their entrance fees only. There is no government funding for this zoo and they are really pulling it off. Some highlights:

Snow leopard

A snow leopard taking a nap.

Golden Lion Tamarin

A Golden Lion Tamarin looking for something in his secret hide-away. This was my favourite creature! He was so cute – I just wanted to take him home with me. He was less than a foot tall.


Some more berries we have discovered in this province we are stoked about. Blackberries growing around the zoo. We are definately off next June to go berry picking around the province. Yay home made jam! 


The girls posing for a photo for Auntie Lex with a pigmy goat.


One thought on “…changes

  1. Kathy

    Spending time with your children when they are young is so important. They add such joy. Soon enough, they grow up and are gone and you become way down their list of priorities. The zoo looks like fun!


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