A Pretty to share

I received word from Jenna that she had received my package, which means I can breathe again. I hope she has time to finish the summer dragon in time.

I also included with the package something that I had wanted to give her for her visit. And so, my second biscournu ever:


And the back:


I had to throw a little bit of the cheesy humour that Jenna and I share, so “Blogging Buddies” was it.


16 thoughts on “A Pretty to share

  1. Jenna

    Trust me, it’s even more beautiful in person. Thanks so much, Christine! Out of curiosity, what did you fill it with. It feels more substantial that my biscornus and I use polyfill. Don’t worry about me having time to stitch the dragon. I’ll get it done. πŸ™‚

  2. Beatrice

    Love the Biscornu. I’m going into Dani’s exchange. It’s on the N&T RR and exchange BB It will be my first exchange. I’m looking forward to it. Think about joining it’s open until Sept 11.
    Miss you the new hour sound promising!!


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