It’s Saturday

Have you noticed my posts are becoming weekly events instead of daily? That saddens me – I wish I had more to talk about/more time to talk about things that aren’t happening.


 I have a confession. I haven’t picked up a stitching needle all week. Why?


The poncho is done. (Sorry, no pretty smiles here – it’s Saturday morning, I am not about to get all dolled up for a photo. 😉 ) I finally finished it yesterday at work and it turned out beautifully.

I used this pattern, and once I got the pattern figured out it went quickly. This is a very easy project, but the instructions make it very difficult. Basically it is a two cornered granny square (?) with three rows of single crochet for the neckline. I did make a few changes. I didn’t have the right size hook for the project so my guage was smaller than the pattern called for. So I had to add 9 extra rows to get my desired length. And I decided not to go for the scallopped finish as I wanted this to be a bit more casual, so I went with a fringe finish. Overall, I am quite pleased with the result.

A close up of the stitching itself:


While I am here, let’s do the SBQ for this week, shall we?

This week’s SBQ was suggested by Jennifer and is:

What proportion of your stitching is for your own personal use versus gifts?

I very rarely keep any stitching for myself. Infact, I can count four pieces total, ever. All my current projects though are for me, so that proportion will be going up in my favour.


12 thoughts on “It’s Saturday

  1. Rebecca

    Your poncho looks wonderful, even headless…hehehe
    Missing you this week as I get ready to load the light, coffee pot and stitching in the car and head to Dani’s…hope you can stitch with us in spirit.


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