Weekly catch-up

Time for my weekly update on things stitchy. Let’s begin with the SBQ, shall we?

This week’s SBQ is:

Do you railroad?

No, not usually. I did do one project completely railroaded and although it looked lovely, I didn’t feel it really made a big enough difference to continue that way. Plus my stitching time was doubled since I had to lay each thread perfectly. And I am just too lazy.

Back in the days when I was frequenting the TW bulletin board all the time (i.e. it was a long time ago and the link is probably gone by now), and Theresa was asked the same question. Her response? No. Because if the threads lay too neatly, one looses texture and the colours don’t flow as naturally. Coming from the queen of blended threads I hold that in high regard.


On to today’s update. I was quite pleased when I was kitting up the Winter dragon on the RR. I am only missing one BF and one DMC. I guess I am finally becoming a serious stitcher. 😉

I made some great progress this week and so far haven’t come up with against the issues Leslie and Jenna have been having. Of course, I haven’t started backstitching, either.


Unfortunately this is a horrible photo as I can’t get the lighting right, but you get the idea. And perhaps knowing the issues that are upcoming I can keep a positive mental attitude about it and avoid some problems.


In other news we are gearing up for Halloween here, the girls have their costumes all figured out. Kimber is going as a cat this year and Lauryn is being a fairy princess. Again. As for me, well you know my old stand by. I get to show my true colours and pull out my witchy hat!

In the work front I have decided to actively start working for other work. I have reached the point where I am burned out every day going to work. When it is not busy we are sometimes given the option to go home and it is to the point where I am taking that option every day I can, and thus my pay checks suffer. There have been days where I literally have to grasp the arm rests of my chair and force myself to stay in my seat and continue to take calls, because I am so upset or frustrated. I don’t think a job should be like that. I can serve coffee at Tim Hortons and be happier, and when I started having those thoughts I knew it was time to move on. So if you can pass on some great “new job” mojo I would appreciate it!

That’s all for today. Thanks for all the praises on the poncho! I am loving wearing it – it is so warm and cozy!


7 thoughts on “Weekly catch-up

  1. ralphy36

    Great start on Jenna’s Dragon. It really is beautiful on the black. If you are missing the confetti BF and can’t find any at the store let me know. I picked up a few extra spools since it is now discontinued.

  2. Kathy A

    Winter dragon is looking nicely. What the H— is railroadiing?
    Yep, time for a new job. Life is way too short to spend it doing something that makes you unhappy

  3. Karen

    Winter Dragon is looking nice!!

    I’ve been there! I was doing the same thing at the last call center I worked at. I would leave every chance I could. My pay cheque was really hurting!!

    Sometimes, it’s a matter of finding the center that works for you. I know when it’s call after call after call, it becomes very monotonous to the point where you just want to scream. But there are some centers around here that let you do other things besides phones (ie: fax processing, emailing, training…). The one I’m at now, pulls agents off regularly to help with different things. That little bit of change really helps people get through the day.

  4. Vicki

    Great progress on the dragon! I’m with you on this railroading! I don’t think things need to be perfect! I would not enjoy stitching that way!! Have a great day and happy Halloween!

  5. Jenna

    Winter Dragon is looking great! I hope that you will avoid the headaches that plagued Leslie and I. I hope Outi avoids them, too! Happy Halloween!

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