Good bye, 2007 – My year in review and goals for 2008

Can you believe 2007 is over already? Or is it just me. This year seems to have flown by, and it feels like not much has been accomplished.

In stitching: 

This year was filled with plenty of working and not as much stitching as I would have liked. I only had one major stitching finish this year in Lily Maiden, and the rest were all small projects.

Coming up in 2008 I would love to finish a few of the large projects I have on the go. Midsummer Night’s Fairy is coming along beautifully and I would love to have her finished this year. I don’t know if it is realistic of me to add in Woodland Faerie or Egyptian Sampler, but I would like to get a good chunk done this year. I would also love to actually start and finish a stocking this year.

I have decided I am not participating in any exchanges or round robins in 2008. I have a very hard time meeting deadlines and that simply is not fair to those I participate with (as most of my exchangers/rr buddies/PIF recipients can attest to). I will focus on the stuff I am working on and if I feel the need to send someone something it will be in the form of a RAK instead.

In knitting:

I did get a handle on knitting this year and am starting to branch out on some new areas (more to come on that another day). I am still working on my squares afghan and have mostly made mittens and such, but I am finding that I desire to knit more and more.

In crochet:

I picked up my hook a lot more this year, too. I just love the speed and the ease of crochet. My poncho was my big finish and plenty of slippers made the rounds this year, too. Hopefully in 2008 I will finish the giant afghan that I still haven’t bought the remainder of the yarn for.

In blogging:

Well this was a dismal blogging year for me, wasn’t it? I will try to blog a bit more this upcoming year, and try to stay on top of the blogs that I have in my blogroll. I am sure I have enough SBQ’s stored up for a week or two of topics anyway!

In family:

This was a great year for visiting family! My mother and two sisters came in January, two other sisters in July, SIL and FIL in August, and an aunt and uncle in August. Not to mention the oodles of family we now have around since we have moved to this province. It is nice getting used to having family around again.

That is pretty much all for this year. Plus I have to go off to work. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Year!


7 thoughts on “Good bye, 2007 – My year in review and goals for 2008

  1. Kathy A

    It has been different this past year staying in touch by blog instead of in person. I am glad this past year has turned out well for you and your family. Look forward to hearing from you in 2008.

    wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year

  2. The Other Christine

    Good to hear you’re still around Christine. You’ve been almost (if not more) absent than I have from the blogging world lately. Here’s to changing that in the coming year. (for both of us)

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season and have a great 2008!!


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