Yep, still alive and settling in to the new home. Every day we are here we love it more and more. But this blogging once-a-month business has to stop!

I think I will be separating out my blogs, as I have a bunch to share. Today I will show off my latest pretties.

In our new home, only one computer is online. Since my time on the internet is severely limited (we all fight to get online! lol!), I have been spending a lot of time stitching. That and some not-so-gentle prodding by Rebecca (who has taken her self-appointed position of evil enabler quite seriously).

First up we have Woodland Faerie.


She is coming along quite beautifully. I finally have a scanner plugged in, hence a decent depiction of colour. But as you can see, she is already almost to big for the scanner bed!

I got bored of mushrooms and leaves and moved on. Minuit was calling.


I am almost done the stitching on one wing. One more wing and a bit of the branch & sash to go and then I can move on to beading. I am getting excited about finishing this one. I even have a spot reserved on the wall for her to be hung!

I wish you all could see this piece for real. If you get the chance, please do. The colours are absolutely amazing, and photos do not do it justice.

That’s all for today. Coming later this week – my SBQ catch ups and a meme!


7 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Beatrice

    Hey there girl how the H…. are you. I’ve missed reading your blogs.
    I’m glad Rebecca has prodded you along.
    Your faries are both wonderful. I look forward to seeing the beading.
    I’m glad you are settling into your new home.
    Love to all.

  2. Kathy A

    Glad to hear you settled in your new abode. Your stitching is beautiful. Sure do miss you being online. Hope that we can hear from you a little more often.


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