Time to release your inner designer, my friends! I have a connundrum.

I have been working on curtains for the windows that are without in our new place and I am having problems figuring out how to design my front window covering. There are three major restrictions on this window:

a) I am not covering the top stained glass portion

b) I am not using blinds, as I really don’t like them and it is not within my sewing talents.

and c) I have to be able to do it with my somewhat basic/almost intermediate sewing skills.

That being said, I am open to any suggestions! Below are rough drawings of what I am thinking of.

First, a shot of the living room (sorry it is dark, I had no back light here, but you can see the window shape well):


And my ideas (roughly, with the aid of Photoshop)

Peoples A


Peoples B


 Peoples C


I look forward to your suggestions!


4 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Berta

    Do you need privacy or relief from strong summer sunlight? If not, I’d just put a road across the top and hang some gauzy type sheers that you can pull across to filter light or push back to let the sun shine in!

    There are lots of beautiful fabric with texture or tone on tone prints. I’d use something close to your wall colour so the sheers aren’t the main focus.

    Good luck!


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