A Photo Meme

A quick update on Minuit before I get into the meme – I stitched all I a can stitch and I can stitch no more… until I get more floss. I am out of both sparklies I need to finish and am waiting for an order to come in so I can complete her. I picked up Always last night to get some done on her and remembered why that piece hasn’t been worked on for so long – all the confetti stitches. Not cool. But I will be plugging away on that for a couple days, at least. 


I stole this from Anne.

Answer the questions and type your answer into Google Images search.  Then post a photo from the first results page. 

Age you will be on your next birthday

Place you would like to visit

One of your favourite places

Your favourite object

This is actually very close to my ring – I am surprised I found this image right away

Your favourite food

Your favourite animal

OK – I know that it isn’t real. Here is my back up:

Your favourite colour

Name of a past pet

Where you live

1st grade teacher’s last name

Middle name

This is not a common middle name – some info from Wikipedia here.

Bad habit of yours

Favourite flower

Favourite holiday


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