A stitching tale – a tale of frustration and woe

I have hit a bit of a block with Minuit. I am having problems the last Kreinick I need and the last Mill Hill package.

I didn’t think these were too difficult to find, but my normal supplier is out. So I head off to Michaels, the last craft store (that I know of, anyways), in Saint John.

Woe, alas, zoink. They have only three Kreiniks TOTAL!!!! And the beads… unless one is into beading for jewellery (and I don’t know enough about any beads to substitute with any they had), they are woefully lacking. There was only five colours of Mill Hill. And no really spot on the shelves for them – it looked very much like these two items were being discontinued.

I was frustrated, yes. Since a LNS shut down here before Christmas, I haven’t been able to locate any good stitching supply areas. Sure, if I wanted Dimensions kits, Michaels has them in spades. That and an overkill of copies of PC Stitch. But standard stitching supplies? Even their DMC numbers are fewer.

So I decided I would have to suck it up and find an online supplier. To save on shipping costs, I looked for Canadian shops first. Two problems I encountered:

1) They either did not carry any specialty items at all
2) They carried one and not the other. While this is not a major thing, I really want to avoid paying postage twice, if possible.

Low and behold – I then find Daisy Stitches.  Not only do they have everything I need (plus extra!), but shipping is cheap! I can spend $6 and get the last two pieces I need… and then I actually read the home page. It seems the owner is on leave for a time, no new orders being filled at this moment. (Does anyone have any idea on how long “temporary” is? Is the desperation in my voice coming out yet?)

I did find a few smaller suppliers with the tag “mail orders welcome”, with very little information on shipping costs or even a catalog of items. I sent off an email to two or three places and am still waiting for a reply.

In my frustration I decided to look into a few American suppliers. Yes, I am cheap, but lets face it – I want this baby finished, and if I need to spend an extra few dollars, so be it.

The first one I went to had shipping at a somewhat decent rate, but was out of stock of the Kreinick, I would have to wait.

The next one had shipping cheap – in the US. Then I saw the line. “Shipments to Canada please add an additional $12”!!!!

Which, if you are following along, is twice the cost of the items themselves.

And so now I wait. Wait for the responses (if any) from the smaller shops, wait for other suppliers to get stock… and Minuit waits as well.



5 thoughts on “A stitching tale – a tale of frustration and woe

  1. Kathy A

    Get in touch with Ann – maybe she can help you. I understand your frustration with online ordering. I wish Michaels and Joann’s would go beyond aida, white or beige linen and kits. I find it very annoying. I cannot even find a pattern that is not too simplistic. I do most of my purchasing in the US since it i cheaper, quicker and the variety is endless.

  2. (The Other) Christine

    Hey there Christine, Long time no talk.

    I was just reading about your fiber and bead problem and have a suggestion for you. Have you called “Because You Count” in Moncton? They’re an actual LNS, not an ONS, but they will mail items out to you and only charge the actual shipping cost which would be very cheap from Moncton to SJ. Their prices are a bit high when you’re used to buying online (like me) because they have a lot more overhead costs than an online store, but it never hurts to call them and check it out. I’d be very surprised if they didn’t have it in stock.

    Their number is (506) 856-8282

    Good Luck,
    (the other) Christine D

  3. cozyegg

    I’ve only ordered from Traditional Stitches in Canada. In the US, Elegant Stitch is wonderful, or you might try Silver Needle. Or, just let me know what you need and I’ll see if I can find it at my LNS.


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