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I am having some fun this morning with random memes….



Cybernetic Humanoid Responsible for Immediate Sabotage, Thorough Infiltration and Nocturnal Exploration

Get Your Cyborg Name


Pholph’s Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 14.
What is your score? Get it here.


The above two memes came from a pretty cool site – If you ever are at a loss for words, this site has a ton of ideas!

Here is a cool one I found for Tuesdays – The Music Memoirs:

Tuesday Tunes – Week 29, April 14, 2008

Word Association Week! Remember name the first band/artist/song/album/instrument etc that comes to mind when you see these words.

Drum: In the Air Tonight, Phil Collins. One will always see me air drumming at the big banging part.
River: River of Dreams, Billy Joel
Sea: Unchained Melody, Righteous Brothers
Sand: Just about anything by the Beach Boys
Travel: Major Tom, Peter Schilling (aside from this song, does this guy sing anything else? I have no idea who he is.)
Time: Time after Time, Cyndi Lauper You would think this would be obvious, but I had to run to Scott to give me ideas.
Journey: Well, Journey is the obvious choice here, non? May as well list one of the best songs of all time – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Number: 867-5309/Jenny, by Tommy Tutone
Theme: This one is very tough. Honestly, I had to really stretch here. The only thing I could think of was The songs done by Travis Tritt with similar characters (“Anymore” , “Tell Me I was Dreaming”, “If I Lost You”). Of course, Tommy and Gina have a way of creaping up in songs by Bon Jovi.
Magic: Black Magic Woman, Carlos Santana. Speaking of – I have determined this man’s entire reason for being is to do duets with others. Check out “Into the Night” done with Chad Kroeger, if you haven’t discovered it already.

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