ES Update

I had been sitting at a loss of what project to work on (obviously that “rotation” mumbo jumbo I was talking about in January was exactly that) since Minuit is waiting for her floss.

I picked up Always again, forced myself to sit through a few hours of stitching, remembered why I dislike stitching this piece (confetti stitches. Lots and lots of confetti stitches.), and promptly put it back down.

And then INSPIRATION! In the form of Dawn, who posted her recent Egyptian Sampler updates. Hey, I said, I have that as a WIP!! And voila, I have settled down over the last few days to stitch.

I know, you may have forgotten what it looked like. The last image I have saved is from October of 2007. /blush

Picking this piece up again I remember why I love this peice – it is a very easy piece to do! The colours are fantastic and there is just enough specialty stitches to change things up a bit. It is easy to set little goals with this project. Just finish one motif and move on to the next. Hopefully you will see more of this pretty in the near future.


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