Now where did I put that piano?

You know, the one to bang my head against?

I have been sitting this morning, spending some quality time with Egyptian Sampler. Here is a progress photo to distract you for a moment.

Pretty, huh? I think so. But I stopped when I noticed a glaring error. Isis is one stitch too high. A close up here shows how I discovered it – her crown hits the border. And the error was made on her right shoulder:

So now I am at a cross roads. Do I frog her out and fix the error or try to work around it? The perfectionist and the phlegmatic are at odds here. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Now where did I put that piano?

  1. Dee

    For what it’s worth …. I’d frog it back.

    This is such a spectacular piece that took SO much time and effort — do you really want to see the error every time you admire your work?

    You possible could just do the headpiece by taking 1 stitch out of each “upright” piece. It would then take you one stitch away from the border.

    On the other hand … if it’s really bothering you, I’d do the whole thing so that you’ll always look at it with pride (but that may be my OCD side speaking.) 😉

  2. Beatrice

    Oh boy that is a tough one…only you can decide.
    I would frog it back…but thats me. and my Mom! LOL you know how fussy she is.
    Personally, probably, no one will notice maybe you can adjust it a bit.

  3. Kate

    Argh! I hate that sinking feeling when you realise something’s gone horribly wrong. Personally I’d frog it, or at least ‘personalise’ the chart until Isis isn’t headbutting the border. A few years back I would have left it as is, but I’m getting fussy in my old age!

  4. Kathleen

    Personally, being a non-stitcher… what is wrong with it??

    Really, I am seriously asking because I don’t see anything wrong??

  5. Michelle

    Well, typically when this happens to me, I go into denial mode and just quit stitching on the piece – hoping it will fix itself miraculously in the back of the closet. But seriously, a small error, I would just leave – but on this, I think it would bug me. If you only have to frog her crown, head and part of her right should – I would definitley frog. If you have to rip her out completely, then maybe try to fix it by adjusting the crown by one stitch. That’s the perfectionist in me talking though.


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