I hate to admit it

I am going to have to frog Isis. I know the error isn’t visible to non-stitchers (most notably my sister, Kathleen), but it is visible to me and it will drive me crazy. And it won’t do the piece justice to have the glaring error.

So the irony here is that it is Isis being reborn. Heh. I will post a progress photo when I start stitching (rather than frogging) again.

7 thoughts on “I hate to admit it

  1. Dee

    I once had to frog a wing and head of a dragon on TW’s “The Castle” so I certainly feel your pain. However, you’ll be so much happier knowing it is right.

  2. Kathleen

    So… really, where was the mistake?? You may have to point it out to this untrained eye…

    And I apologize if my ignorance or lack of knowledge offends anyone…

  3. Beatrice

    Good choice, she is too stunning to have to look at a mistake and you know you will.
    We will all cheer you on girl.


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