5 Ws of Stitching

I stole this from Jenna.

Who taught you to stitch, and were there any special circumstances or memories surrounding this?
It was a while ago, but I learned from my mother the basics, then some tips from my grandmother (mostly the keeping neat backs and finishing ends). I have learned a TONNE from other stitching friends as I got older, and OODLES from the blogs I read.

What’s your favorite thing to stitch? (A project, a kind of stitching, etc.)
Obviously you know I love my fairies and dragons. But I love projects that have some different stitches thrown in for changes of texture. I love work with vibrant colours. While I don’t like the look of band samplers, I do like the stitches involved. If I liked the look more I would probably stitch them more often. Go figure. 

Why do you stitch?
It relaxes me. That and I am a hands on art person. I love seeing the piece come together. I enjoy looking at colours and thinking, what was that designer thinking, putting a green and a purple together in a face, and seeing it work.

When is your special stitching time?
When I can. Usually when I have a moment to sit in front of the tv and relax.

Where is your special stitching place? (An accompanying picture would be great!)


Voila. My comfy chair, my current project beside me, along with my flosses, ort can, green bag o’supplies. The only thing missing is a back light, which I really need. I find myself moving over to the couch (which has a lamp beside it) at night when I stitch because the overhead light is not enough.

We have recently moved things around here at home and I have an office/crafty storage nook. Once I have that all finished with, I will be sharing that area with you.


2 thoughts on “5 Ws of Stitching

  1. Berta

    Christine, that does look like a comfy chair! I also have difficulty stitching at night or on dark days, but that gives me a chance to catch up on my reading!


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