Some mailings

I received word from one of my PIF recipients that she received her package. Yay! So it wasn’t in a year, but I got it mostly done. Why mostly? Because I have one piece left that I can’t figure out how to finish. I had it all stitched up and realized the sizing was WAYYYYYYYYY off. I may have to just start again.

Anyways – on to the one that was received. Annette tells me she got her piece, so let me share:

This little fairy was so cute I had to stitch her. I thought this fit Annette the best. I finished her into a small needlecushion.

I also got a message from Jenna, telling me she finally received her round robin dragon. I definately should not be doing these types of things – getting my butt to a post office seems to be a huge challenge. Ah, well. At least she got the piece safely. I realized I never showed off the finished piece. And that would be because I forgot to take a photo of it. Oops. Well, it was the winter dragon, as I am sure you have all seen from the other RR  member’s blogs.

I am afraid I won’t be around much this upcoming week. I am working late hours this week, and will post when I can.



6 thoughts on “Some mailings

  1. Melanie

    So sweet! Christine, I’m sorry it’s been so long, but I received my PIF as well. Have posted it over on my blog tonight 🙂 Thankyou!


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