SBQ Catchup

I don’t have much today, just thought I would clear out some e-mail I had waiting to be answered.


August 7, 2008. Stitching Bloggers Question submitted by Outi:

“What do you do to your thread clippings? Do you just scrap them or do you use them in something else?”

My orts get junked. I have a little garbage can beside my stitching that collects them all. One day I will be ambitious enough to save them up from a certain project and make a Christmas ornament with them or something.

August 21, 2008. SBQ subitted by Dawn:

“If you had to choose, would you rather spend money on overdyed floss or hand-dyed fabric?”

I prefer the fabric. It gives me more options, and I am not one for samplers that the floss would be used for.

I tend to have issue with overdyed flosses anyway. It seems an extranious use of the floss for subtle colour changes. I would much rather change the floss colour or use a blend (a la Teresa Wentzler) than spend the extra $3 for a tiny bit of shading. If it is a very definate change (i.e. verigated) then I could use it for a border or something I would not normally stitch.

That being said my hand dyed fabric perferences are much the same. I don’t want a subtle colour change if I am going to be stitching over the fabric. That would just be wasted. You can see what I mean when you look at Minuit – multitudes of colour showing depth. I feel the fabric should either enhance the piece or lay a solid foundation so the stitching can pop.


Have a good day, everyone. I ask you pay forward an out of the way kindness to your neighbours today.

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