I have been working 6 am shifts recently, which I am finding is affording me some time to do some beading on Minuit at work. This morning I thought I would attach the Crystal Treasures beads and came accross a roadblock.

This is a bead that must obviously lay flat. It is a flower shape and I figure it should attach much like a button – but it only has one hole. I have no idea how to attach this bead!

The only suggestion after multiple google options was to attach it with fishing line, but I really think that will look horrible. Perhaps I am wrong?

What do you all think? Will a french knot hold the bead in place? Should I succumb to fishing line? Any ideas you have would be appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Daffycat

    I don’t like the fishing line because it never gets tight enough. Once you think you’ve got it tight, w/o puckering, it relaxes and the bead sags. Poo!

    I’d use one thread (the color of the fabric or stitching underneath) and sew from the hole to the outside edge, on one side (left) then the other (right).

    Another option is to use a seed bead in the center if the hole is small enough. I think a french knot will pull through.

    I’m sure everyone else has some great ideas too!

  2. Christine S

    Whenever I’ve had to attach charms, I use a small bead. Come up through the hole in the charm, up through the hole in the bead and then go back down through the hole in the charm and secure your thread. I did this for the charms on Titania and it looks good.

  3. Kathy A

    Hi Christine – it is so nice to hear from you. It has been a while. Glad you are doing well. When I have something like that to attach I use a small bead as well.
    Take care girl!

  4. Anne S

    Have to admit, I was gonna say the exact same thing – use a petite bead in the centre – guess great minds think alike huh? 😀 Good luck with those 6am shifts – I used to get the giggles something terrible with those shifts, ‘cos I’d get so over-tired getting up so early (although 5am starts were worse) … ah the joys of shiftwork 😉


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