Random ramblings

Just some random things today. It occurred to me that I keep telling you I am woking on Minuit, but I am not showing you.

And so:

Isn’t she pretty? Sigh. So close. And I have run out of some beading colours since I did not pay attention to the *2 beside the colour listing. So I have to order more beads.

In other news, my computer is getting an early Christmas gift. (I say my computer so that I still get something good. 😉 ) 2GBs of memory is on its way to my door, hopefully latest by tomorrow. I am getting excited. For those who play World of Warcraft, my days of lagging in Shattrath are going to be gone.

Speaking of World of Warcraft (feel free to have your eyes glaze over and skip this if you aren’t interested – I understand. lol!), we have put the deposit down to hold our copies of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in November. We got an early taste of it as Scott got a Beta invite, and it looks like its going to be fantastic. We can’t wait.

Ok, geek gaming section complete. On to more exciting stuff.

Any non-Americans following the US election? How exciting is this? Here in Canada we actually have an election Ocotber 14, though one could hardly tell. The only sign that this is even happening is suddenly we are seeing politicians faces on the tv and on signs all over the city. And even those signs are sparce. Here in Saint John only one candidate has actually put up signs.

Our election truely is quite boring. We have the same people running as last time, and no significant changes in policy have occurred. We are pretty much looking at the same platforms as 2005. We get to choose from a Prime Minister who won’t even allow the media around him without express premission (wouldn’t want his speech writers to be caught off guard), a man who seems to have a grasp of things with one statement and is totally lost with another,  and a man who appears to not have a clue about anything and is just the token french guy in the election. Not a single platform is of any interest to me and nor does any platform seem to have anything signifcant attached to it.

So I am watching the American election instead. It almost seems to me that on one side we have a charismatic man who is a relatively unknown. A man who has great inspiring speeches that almost make me want to be an American too (I said almost). On the other side we have conservative stability.

And then Palin got introduced. Oops. Did anyone else hear the dive bomb? The big crash and burn?

Obama had pretty good chances before McCain announced his running mate, and that had me excited. What a fantastic change. But I could see that stability, that old school grit that McCain was offering. Sadly, the obvious grab for votes with Palin was just disappointing. And I am happy to see most Americans see it that way as well. You can bet CNN will be on my tv come election day.

(Just a quick editorial, if you are interested. Mark Morford said it quite nicely.)

No other news for me today. Not that any of this was actually news, mind.


7 thoughts on “Random ramblings

  1. Anne S

    Minuit is looking exquisite – hope your beads turn up soon 😀 As for the election, I can’t say I have been following it … Melissa put a good post up (The Daily Mel blog) recently which was interesting reading about the educational merits of all candidates, but that’s about the sum total of my interest …

  2. Annmcd

    Hi Christine,

    How I wish that only one candidate had signs here…they all have them and they are a blight on the landscape!

    Minuit looks beautiful.

  3. Mountainink

    Just looking through your posts and enjoying your rambles and thoughts. Good luck with settling into a new apartment; I am all too familiar with that feeling. Happy stitching!


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