Just Randomness

Is it summer time yet? I have serious thoughts that next year, hibernation is a viable option.

I am so done with winter. This winter seems to be particularily difficult, dragging on and very depressing. I am having a difficult time getting motivated to do anything.


This is a shot of last Thursday. It was a snow day here, as you can see visibility was very low. We shovelled ourselves out, the plows came by and took away the snow, and we were rewarded with this:


… a storm on Monday. With much more snow than we have seen. The second photo is showing the snow actually sticking to the siding of the house!

You will note that these photos are taken from inside. I was still in my jammies!

So, since it was also a professional development day on Friday which resulted in no school, the girls got a five day weekend. This week they celebrate a winter carnival and all types of activities have been planned. Monday was crazy hat day (which, of course, now did not happen), and the girls worked diligently most of the weekend on their crazy hats.


We have been blessed with sunshine for the last two days, and rain is called for on Friday. Hopefully it will clear some of the snow before the next forcasted storm… on Monday.


3 thoughts on “Just Randomness

  1. Kathy A

    I heard that you were having a brutal winter and the proof is in the pictures. Boy, will you be glad to see the end of this one.
    The girls did a fabulous job on their crazy hats!!!!!

  2. Judie

    I really don’t like to tell you this, but we have very little snow and lots of robins chirping around here. Love the hats.


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