They have arrived!

My stash order has arrived. Now I can finish Minuit and start the hunt for the perfect frame. I even have the spot all picked out. (Scott’s Japanese sword collection is being moved. The space is being womanized. Sorry, dear.) That is my plan for tomorrow.

I also got a copy of Daydreams which I am excited to work on. The pattern calls for 14 count aida, which of course I will not be using. But I have looked at it and had the urge to stitch this over one. Am I crazy? Maybe!

In other news, we had thunder here last night! The sky lit up for a brief second and I heard the tell tale boom! Spring must be on its way!


2 thoughts on “They have arrived!

  1. Kathy A

    Poor Minuit!!! She is certainly having troubles being adorned in all her bangles and beads! I hope you can find a good substitute.
    Boy, It has been one long winter if a thunder clap gets you excited LOL


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