Life after Minuit

Thank you all for your kind words on my finish. I am very excited that she is all done. Soon, I hope, she will be gracing my front room.

Now I am left with three WIPs. I am going to try very hard to finish another project (most likely ES) before starting another, but I am itching to do another dragon. I am still deciding which to do (it will most likely be one of the many Teresa Wentzler dragons in my stash). I will narrow down my choices and set up a poll for you guys at a later time.

In other news, I did a bad thing last night and gamed until 3 am, thinking I would catch up on my sleep after the girls went to school. Seems that will not be the case, as my landlord does not know how to use a phone and neglected to tell me someone would be in our basement replacing the furnace. Now the cold is not too much of an issue, but they are LOUD!!!!! And! I was in a groggy sleepy haze and went out to stop fighting the noise to make some coffee, and some guy was in my front hall!!!! I know this is New Brunswick, and I must get used to the laid back attitudes of everyone here, but seriously, a heads up would have been nice. Apparently something fell in our furnace vent (we have one giant one to heat the whole house) and he came up to check it out from the top. If nothing else, I am awake now!! Oh, and cold, of course because without a furnace there is no heat. And it is -22 with the wind chill here today.

My coffee and I are good friends today!


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