A catch up

I apologize, everyone, it has been far too long.

So much has happened since I last blogged, so lets start from the beginning.

When we last left this intrepid adventurer, we had just said goodbye to Scott, who was going back to base to complete basic training. Things went pretty smoothly for all of us, the girls and I got back into a bit of a routine and Scott burned through 7 weeks of training. Week nine of training, however, he blew out his knee, again.

It has been determined that Scott’sΒ meniscus is degenerated too far to heal on its own. He has again been working on physiotherapy excercises and 2-1/2 weeks ago got a cortezone shot.

He came home for a visit June 25th, to stay until July 5. Unfortunately, the morning of June 27th we got a phone call, my grandfather had passed away.

Needless to say, our vacation was cut short. The girls and I were going to be coming home to Alberta for a visit in August for a family reunion; fortunately the airline had no problem changing our leaving date. We have been here in Alberta since June 30th.

Scott managed to stay busy with us gone, going to his Nan’s house to do yardwork and imposing himself on some of our families barbecues. lol

And so the girls and I will be in Alberta for two months, returning late August. It has been wonderful to see everyone, and I hope to get a lot of visiting and travelling in. Kimber in particular really would like to see the badlands and dinosaur bones in Drumheller. I also hope to take them to the mountains, something they have never seen before.

Scott in the mean time is doing much better with his cortezone shot. He is expected to get physical clearance by the end of the week and hopefully will be back in training on Monday. We have our fingers crossed there is a platoon ready to accept him.

Being home means I also have a lot more time for stitching. I have been working on Egyptian Sampler and would really like to finish it before I leave here. If it goes really well, I may even finish another project or two.


3 thoughts on “A catch up

  1. Kathy A

    Nice to hear from you again girl. I am so sorry about your grampa.
    Sounds like you and the girls are in for an exciting few months. Enjoy!!!

  2. Anne S

    So very sorry to hear your great family visit has been as the result of your grandfather passing away 😦 {{hugs}} to you all – continue enjoy the time while you’re there with the family πŸ™‚ Hope Scott’s leg heals quickly and a platoon snaps him up soon! πŸ˜€


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