My crafty ventures this summer

As you well know, I had a bit more free time on my hands this summer (funny what happens when I step away from the computer), and got a lot of crafting done. You have seen my progress on the Guardian, and I worked on ES as well.

As of today, my progress on Egyptian Sampler:


I had hoped to finish it before I left, but no such luck. I am extremely pleased at how quickly each motif is going, so I don’t imagine it will be long before I am done.

I also worked on a number of ponchos. You have seen my white one, and I crocheted a matching black one. Here, nicely modeled by my brother, Aaron.

P1030283Isn’t he just lovely?

Requests for ponchos have been building, and I worked on one for my sister, Sandra. This one was a challenge as she wanted a hood added to another design. I used a design I found for Martha Stewart’s “Coming Home” poncho (which, incidentally was either filled with errors or the person who wrote out the pattern had no idea how to do so) and bumbled my way through attaching a hood. I am confident now that I know how to do so in the future and have come up with a couple of designs I want to try in the future.

Here is Sandra with her lovely poncho:


The base of the poncho is my own invention as well since I could not wrap my head around the mess of instructions.

This did turn out to be very nice, but I admit I had my doubts. The core of the poncho is very easy, but the edging was a bit too much for me.


I am now working on a poncho for my sister, Angela. This one is a very simple pattern, but it is proving to be extremely difficult for me for some reason.

I shouldn’t say “for some reason”. I do know exactly the reasoning behind it – I don’t have the ability to not pay attention to what I am doing here. With the others, my patterns were very simple and repetitious. For this one, I cannot wrap my head around the edging – and so this piece has been pulled out three times now, as it either keeps getting smaller or larger. I am finding I really need to count my stitches every row on this one, and I am attributing that to the chunkiness of the yarn. This is a very thick yarn and a very large hook (10mm), and it is easy for me to find stitches where there are none.

So there you have it. My crafty ventures this summer. Hopefully this crafting mojo continues!

3 thoughts on “My crafty ventures this summer

  1. Kathy A

    Thanks hon. I wondered what you did with all your spare time after visiting with family.
    Your Egyptian sampler is coming along beautifully. I admire anyone who will tackle a TW.


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