Crafty energy

For the last week or so we have been graced with some fantastic weather (and it looks as though it will continue well into next week), so I enjoyed a bit of it today by listening to my horoscope.

For today it said:

Even if you start the day feeling stuck, a sudden burst of energy sets you into motion. You might try the same thing several times but if the timing isn’t right, nothing will come of your actions. Wait until you can feel the energy of the magic. When you do, push your creative juices to keep them flowing.

Pretty apt, as I have pulled out the poncho I have been working on a total of 7 times. The timing must have been right today as I got it done.


Aside from the difficulties I had (and I totally blame the yarn), I really don’t like the pattern. Here’s why:


The pattern turned out to be more of a wrap than anything; it just is not my style. I also made it a few inches longer than the pattern called for. The wearer of this poncho will have to make sure it hangs right as well – just throwing it on like I have done here makes the edging look way off.

I did get a surprise in the yarn as I was nearing the end. A goof by the yarn company resulted in this:


A stretch of brown yarn was attached to the end. I imagine we got the end of a line and it did not sync properly. It forced me to finish a row earlier than I would have liked, but I had just enough yarn to finish it at least.

So now at the end of my day I have a finished poncho, a bit of a sunburn, and am exhausted. Why does sitting in the sun do that? Anyway, a bit of stitching before bed and hopefully I will have that update for you in the next few days.


One thought on “Crafty energy

  1. AnnMcD


    I haven’t checked in for awhile and ohmigod are your little girls ever getting to be big girls! We still miss you and think of you often!


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