Egyptian Sampler Update

Happy Friday everyone!

It has been a busy week, as school is now back in session. The girls have had a great week and are very pleased to be back. Of course, the start of a new school year would not be the same without the back to school photos.


Having the girls gone during the day has been a little jarring for me, I find my self periodically wondering what to do next. Fortunately I have my stitching. Huzzah!


I am excited to finish this one as I promised myself I would not start another poncho until this piece is done. And I have a pattern I have come up with I would like to try. Anxiously. Perhaps I should go stitch right now.


4 thoughts on “Egyptian Sampler Update

  1. Hazel

    Hi Christine. It’s been a while since I last visited but do you know you were the first person to comment on my blog way back in 2006??? Love your sampler and the girls look very sweet. I have a similar picture on my blog 😉


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