ES Update

I have had some time to work on Egyptian Sampler these days and I feel I am finally, again starting to get some progress. i have been busy working on the Pharaoh motif and the over-one stitching involved has been a treat. I am finding that stitching while watching something on tv that I actually want to watch vs listen to is not working out so well. I have spent a lot of time frogging my work and getting frustrated with it.

The over one is complete now and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel:


All that remains now is the last bit of back stitching on the Pharaoh’s border, the bottom banding, and the remainder of the border. Then I get to add the bling and voila!

My best estimate for getting this done is about two weeks. Why so long? Scott graduates next week, after having been at boot camp for nearly 9 months. The girls and I are leaving this weekend, taking a train (for the first time for the girls) into Trenton to visit with Scott’s father for a few days.

I am hoping while we are there to pop in for a quick visit with Ann, partly because I still actually need to get that bling I was discussing earlier in my possession. (And anything else that may strike my fancy. Hee hee! A bit of S.E.X. never hurt anyone, did it?) One day I will learn to pick this stuff up as I am kitting up a project – honest I will!

After our visit in Trenton we will be detouring into Ottawa for a quick visit with Scott’s sister, then on to Scott’s base for the  graduation. On Friday next week we will be driving home with Scott. Hopefully we will have time to do a few hours in Montreal as well, as the girls have not had a chance to see that city – and there is so much to see there! I will be back that weekend with hopefully many photos.

Until then, keep stitching!


4 thoughts on “ES Update

  1. Rebecca

    Hope you have a wonderful trip! I’m sure everyone will be excited to see you…if you can make a detour into Kingston some day, let me know and we can meet for coffee…or come to the house, you know where I live!


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