A life update

And so we are back. It was a fun adventure last week, but it is so great to be home.

We left Saturday and got on the train; the girls were very excited.

waiting for the train

We got some seats with a table and they were able to colour and read comfortably. I didn’t feel like paying three times the price for a sleeper car, but we were able to lay back our seats and stretch out a bit. Kimber got the best deal – she got two seats to stretch across. Lauryn slept mostly on my lap, which means I got very little sleep sitting up. lol

The ride was very comfortable otherwise. We got to see a lot and arrived in Montreal an hour late. It would not be so bad as we had a connection there, but Scott tried to surprise the girls by meeting us there. The plan was that he would meet us for coffee and breakfast while we waited for our connection. Unfortunately as we were so late, we were only able to see him for about 10 minutes. Which seriously SUCKED. It would have been better had we not seen him at all.

Anyway, we arrived in Belleville 20 minutes early, and headed out to dad’s place. He is busy now working on the house,and the only rooms that aren’t under renovation right now are the bedrooms. It made for a slightly cramped visit.

Wednesday we went to Ottawa, to visit Alexis. She is in the middle of a move at the moment, so we were again restricted in her home – boxes everywhere! lol! But we had a good visit. Thursday morning we left for St. Jean.

The ceremony itself was interesting. Two platoons, about 110 people graduated. They did their drill (formal march) beautifully – it really looked wonderful. There was a lot of speeches and some awards given, the whole time the soldiers had to stand at attention – it lasted about 1-1/2 hours all together. They had an inspection, and the fellow who did it told them their drill was the best he had seen in a long time. Now he may say that to all the graduates, but it was great for them to hear that.




We got to visit with Scott around his base, and when he was allowed to leave, we grabbed our stuff from Dad’s vehicle and Dad & Lex left. We went for dinner, and grabbed our hotel and Scott went back to base. He joined us again Friday morning, where we shared our first breakfast in a long time.

Oh, and while we were there, we discovered this guy’s son was in the same grad class as Scott. There is my name dropping for the day. (I apologize – he is known in Canada, those in the US and abroad may be asking, “who?”. This is as good as it gets here folks. I am pleased I saw someone who was on tv at some point in my life! lol)

We went to Montreal Friday morning, as Scott wanted to show me a shop he found with various goodies. Valet d’Coeur was very cool and had all kinds of things we were all interested in.

After our little segway into Montreal (where we all decided, yes, it would be grand fun to live there), we proceeded to head east. Sort of. We ended up going more north than east, and ended up about 30 minutes outside of Trois Rivieres before we got to course correcting. We ended up about 1 hour off course, and it made for a long day. Fortunately, Quebec really is “la belle provence” and it was a fantastic drive all along. (If you ever get the chance, about 15 minutes east of Quebec city on highway 20 there is a town along a river valley – the view is just fantastic). We arrived in Edmunston (New Brunswick) about 10 pm and settled in for the night.

The drive home Saturday morning was lovely – between the fog and the fall foliage we had a lot to see.



Arriving home was a bit of a wake up as the person doing the work on the apartment (repairing the damage from the ceiling leak) was in there working away. It was a huge shock to see her there, and although we knew she was going to be there at some point, it was still a surprise.

So what is next for us? Scott  had to report yesterday afternoon which cut our weekend short again, and he will be there until Friday. He is staying in barracks throughout the week and then will be coming home on the weekends. We are told that there is hardly no wait time for PMQ’s (private married quarters – ie houses), so we are hoping that by November we will be living on the base. Which will be fab as a) he will be able to come home every day, and b) it is about $400 less than what we are paying for rent right now. Cha-ching!

We do know that Scott is being re-assigned to a new trade. Apparently there is a long wait for this to be done, and he could be stuck in limbo for about 6 months waiting for this to go through. If he gets his choice of trades, he is thing a computer tech or going intel (I could be married to a spy! oooooooo). In the mean time, we have no idea how he is going to be spending his days. Once he gets a new trade, he will be going to the base where his trade training is assigned.

So that’s where things stand at the moment. I am sure it will all change by tomorrow, but hey, it has been some adventure so far!


One thought on “A life update

  1. Kathy A

    Congratulations to Scott on his graduation. I am sure you were very proud. I talked to Ann and she said you had made a flying visit.
    Hope things continue to go well there girl.


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