So what now?

A big problem with having a big finish is we say, What Now?

Well, I do have  a few other projects on the go; like Always, Woodland Faerie and the Guardian. I also have a new start I want to do, Emerald Mermaid by Mirabilia. I have the fabric and can start any time on that one.

I have been itching to do some crochet or knitting and spent the day yesterday doing just that. I first got the practical done and crocheted some chair booties. Don’t laugh – they save my hardwood floors:

chair booties

I then proceeded to be only 6 (yes SIX) rows short of finishing a knitted poncho I started back in February. I have run out of yarn for those last 6 rows. The only downside to this is the yarn comes in very large balls so I will have a ton of yarn remaining. I shall have to come up with some ideas on what to do with that.

I have been wanting a change, though, and decided it should be on my blog. Therefore I ask you to be patient as I try out a few new templates. I am seriously thinking of either a) moving my blog to somewhere that I can control the CSS or b) paying for that ability on WordPress. Its still in the air but in the mean time the look of this site will be changing over the next little while.


2 thoughts on “So what now?

  1. Anne S

    Have to admit, I really do miss Blogger for the ability to have some awesome template options out there – I ended up coughing up the extra money to change my blog slightly, but still haven’t done too much to it, aside from allowing a much wider space for photos for my weekly Photo Hunt, and the text/background colours a wee bit. One day I might even learn enough to make a real difference to it … one day 😛

    Look forward to seeing which project gets picked up next 🙂


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