New Year Catch Up

Hello, all!

Yet again, it has been a while. I tend to forget not everyone is my friend on facebook, and I neglect my blog a bit too much.

Much has happened since my last post, most notably our “hurry up and wait” tactic with the military has come to fruition. We are moving at the end of this month, and Scott will finally be home. Since September, he has been living in barracks and able to come home on the weekends. Our move is to the base he is posted, and we will finally resume back to “normal” life. We are very, very excited.

This move is something different, as we are getting a moving company this time around. Which means no packing! It is a bit odd, I don’t know how to proceed with a move without wandering around boxes…

So in just over two weeks time, I will be decorating, yet again!

I have been crafting over the last few months, though I am afraid I can’t show you much of my progress. Unfortunatly some of my work has been gifts, which have not been received yet. Suffice to say, my crochet hook has been very busy!

I have worked on The Guardian, and made a nice dent.

I am pleased with how this is going, this is after a two week burst of stitching mojo. My hook called me again, though, and it has been sitting at this point for a month or so.

I am knitting as well, another poncho. This one, unfortunately is boring. The pattern is a striped poncho, which I decided to forego as the yarn I am using is a verigated yarn. I am forcing myself to just sit down and finish it, and hopefully it will be complete before the move.

That is all for now, I will post a few other photos as soon as the gifts are received!

7 thoughts on “New Year Catch Up

  1. Danila

    Hello Christine, I too would love to use those bars, since I have about 19 UFOs. If you send me the thread, I’d happily.
    Many thanks Danila

  2. Beatrice

    Wow that is all very exciting..where are you posted to?
    Your guardian is stunning and well as usual the hook got you ones again!!l lol!!
    Have fun with the move it was one of the perks i enjoyed not having to pack a thing…well plants maybe.

  3. Ann McD

    Where are you moving to Christine? Any chance you’ll ever come back to the Trenton area? All your stitching friends here would love that!
    Guardian is looking great.

  4. Judie

    Glad to see you back blogging. Your guardian looks lovely. Hope your stitching mojo is back to stay. Good luck with your move.

  5. Leah

    Having just done my first move as a military wife, I imagine you’ll be well occupied with your inventory list. You will quickly get used to the packers. 🙂 Make sure you get them to unpack your kitchen (at the very least) on the other end.

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